High Spirits: A Sipper’s Guide to Melo’s THC Beverages

Hey, fellow explorers of the high life! So, I recently embarked on a THC-infused journey with Melo’s tantalizing lineup of beverages, and let me tell you, it was one heck of a ride! Strap in, because I’m about to spill the tea… or should I say, the seltzer?

Melo Grapefruit


First up, let’s chat about Melo’s Grapefruit THC Seltzer. Now, I’m a sucker for anything citrusy, so this one had me hooked from the get-go. The moment I cracked open that can, I was hit with a burst of fresh grapefruit goodness, and boy, was it refreshing! Each sip was like a little vacation for my taste buds. And the best part? The gentle kiss of THC made it an experience like no other. It was like floating on a cloud of citrusy delight, with just the right amount of elevation to keep things interesting.

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Melo Wild Berries


But hold your horses, because we’re not done yet! Next on the agenda was Melo’s Wild Berries THC Seltzer, and oh boy, did it pack a punch! Picture this: a symphony of luscious berries dancing on your tongue, each sip bursting with flavor and mischief. It was like a berry bonanza in a can! And with a hint of THC magic, it took the whole experience to a whole new level of bliss. It was like being whisked away on a wild berry adventure, with each sip unlocking a new dimension of flavor and fun.

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Now, let’s talk about the not-so-fun stuff. While I absolutely adored the flavor and the subtle buzz of both seltzers, I did find that the effects took a bit longer to kick in compared to other THC-infused goodies I’ve tried. It wasn’t a deal-breaker by any means, but it’s definitely something to keep in mind if you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up.

Overall, my Melo beverage adventure was nothing short of epic. From the zesty goodness of the Grapefruit THC Seltzer to the berrylicious magic of the Wild Berries THC Seltzer, each sip was a journey unto itself. So if you’re in the mood for a little flavor, a little fizz, and a whole lot of fun, I highly recommend giving these bad boys a try!

Charlotte Cremers